Mile Markers
Recipients of Mile Markers for the 2016 Summer Reading Road Trip:

We are pleased to announce that the following readers will receive a Signed Book: Sadiqah A., Aurora, CO; Anne E., Eden Prairie, MN; Grace G., West Lafayette, IN; Amanda G., Albuquerque, NM; Cathy M., Ogden, UT. Congratulations! Glenn D. from Waukegan, IL, will receive all 18 signed books.

For the Letter from an Author Mile Marker, Sadiqah A., Aurora, CO, and Amanda G., Albuquerque, NM will receive letters from the author of their choice. They each read 12 books or more over the summer!

Note: All entries had to be submitted by someone 14 years of age or older. No purchase was necessary.

If you would like email notification about the 2017 Summer Reading Road Trip, click here. We'll send you updates and then we'll send a note from each of the authors throughout the summer of 2017.

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