A Place for Butterflies
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Melissa Stewart
author, Melissa Stewart
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illustrator, Higgins Bond
publisher, Peachtree Press
A Place for Butterflies

Butterflies fill our world with beauty and grace. But sometimes we do things that harm them. Stunning illustrations and simple, gentle language introduce young readers to some of the ways human action and inaction can affect butterfly populations. More than just a book about our favorite insects, A Place for Butterflies opens readers’ minds to a wide range of environmental issues.

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1.   How do butterflies help us and other animals?
2.   What are some of the things people do that harm butterflies? How can you work to change those behaviors?
3.   What can we do to help butterflies live far into the future?
4.   Look at the maps in A Place for Butterflies. How many of the featured butterflies live in your state? How many live in other states you have visited?
5.   If you're traveling around the country, notice the different butterflies you see. You might take photos of them and then use a field guide, like Peterson First Guide to Butterflies and Moths (Paul Opler), to identify the butterflies. Take note of where you see each butterfly and create a butterfly journal.
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