Old Wolf
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author, Avi
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illustrator, Brian Floca
publisher, Atheneum
Richard Jackson Books
Hunting—the predator and its prey—is at the heart of this riveting and suspenseful novel from Newbery Medalist Avi with illustrations from Caldecott Medalist Brian Floca.

In the computer game world of Bow Hunter—thirteen-year-old Casey’s world—there are no deaths, just kills. In Nashoba’s world—the wolf world—there have been no kills. For this is March, the Starving Time in the Iron Mountain region of Colorado, when wolves and ravens alike are desperate for food.

With the help of a raven, the miraculous Merla, Nashoba must lead his pack of eight to their next meal. The wolf hates being dependent on a mere bird, but Merla is a bird wise beyond her years.

When Casey’s path crosses Nashoba’s, the worlds of two very different hunters collide.
1.   Have you played video games where you are hunting? How did that make you feel? Do you want to try hunting for real like Casey does?
2.   This story is told from two points of view. One is Casey's viewpoint. He's thirteen, loves to play video games, and lives in the mountains of Colorado. The other is Nashoba's point of view. He's been the leader of his wolf pack for a long time. He lives in the mountains of Colorado, too. They're neighbors. What kinds of animals live in your neighborhood? Do you see them? Do you know about their family structures?
3.   Merla is a raven who acts as an advisor to Nashoba and keeps him going when things look dark. Do you have a friend like that?
4.   What do you know about ravens? On your tablet or at a public library look up information about these birds. You'll be surprised at what they can do and how much they know.
5.   What did you think of the way Old Wolf ends? Would you make the same decision that Casey did? Or would the story end differently if you were the main character in this book?
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