Lowji Discovers America
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Candace Fleming
author, Candace Fleming
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Lowji Discovers America
Dear Jamshed,

America is not so different from what we thought. I told you I wouldn't see a single cowboy riding across the plain, and I haven't. I have not even seen a plain. Still, there are some silver linings. They are:

  1. Trapper and King, the cat and dog who live in the apartment building. They are cuddly and waggy. I am not allowed to play with them, though, becayse they are supposed to catch mice and keep burglars away.
  2. Ironman. He owns a pig and talks to me a lot. But he is a grown-up.
  3. Kids. I can hear them playing outside. Too bad they do not want to play with me.

I wish you were here.
Do you wish I was in India?
Write back soon.
Your friend,

1.   Lowji always "looks for the silver lining" when life doesn't go his way. We also call that being optimistic. It means looking for the positive in a disappointing or challenging situation. Discuss some of the things in your life that didn't go as you'd hoped. What were the silver linings in that situation? How can you remind yourself to be optimistic?
2.   Have you or has somebody you know moved far away from their original home? What was that like? Why did that move happen? Whats was new and what was the same? What is it like to adjust to a new place? Do you think Lowji found ways to accept living in a new home?
3.   Lowji figures out ways for the animals to do the work for Mrs. Crisp. Think about your own chores. How could animals help? (Adults should think about this, too.)
4.   Have you ever wanted a pet very badly but you couldn't have that pet? Talk about what having a pet means in terms of responsibilities and care for the pet. Why do some places, like Lowji's apartment building, not want pets? If you could have any pet in the world (ANY pet), what would you have? How would you care for it?
5.   What did you know about Indian food, clothes, and culture before reading about Lowji? How could you learn more about these parts of Lowji's life?
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