Little Dog, Lost
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Marion Dane Bauer
author, Marion Dane Bauer
photo credit: Katherine Warde
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illustrator, Jennifer A. Bell
Simon & Schuster
Little Dog, Lost
Mark is a boy who needs a dog. But he can’t get his mom on board with his plan.

Buddy is a dog who needs a boy. Buddy has an owner already, but not one who understands what a dog really needs.

Mr. LaRue is a neighbor who needs a community. He’s alone all the time in his huge old house—and everyone needs more than that.

Over the course of a summer thunderstorm and one chaotic town council meeting, these three characters cross paths and come together in a timeless tale ripe with emotions. They’ll realize they all need the same things: love, understanding, and a sense of belonging—plus a place to play a game of fetch!
You might like to do a readers' theater performance of this book on your trip.
1.   Do you have a dog? Is there a dog park in your town? Would you consider working with a group of friends to get one set up?
2.   Do you know of someone in your neighborhood whom people talk about with nervousness, saying things that may not be true, just because they don't know that person? How might you have a positive effect on your neighborhood's characterization of that person?
3.   Have you visited the animal shelter in your town? Maybe you volunteer there? What stories do you have to tell about lost dogs?
4.   Have you ever wanted a pet and tried to convince your family that you should adopt one? You adults should weigh in on this one, too. What experiences have you had with pets?
5.   What responsibility do we, as human beings, have for the animals in our neighborhoods and across the world?
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For further reading, we think you'll enjoy Marion Dane Bauer's Little Cat's Luck, a companion book to Little Dog, Lost, illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell.

In this story, Patches, a cat, wanders away from home because she's looking for a place, she doesn't know why, when she meets up with Gus, the meanest dog in town. Told in verse, making use of concrete poetry, it's a story that will warm your heart.

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